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Ultima Online
1UORPG.netVotes: 490
Clicks from WOS: 16
Since 2010. Level system, Two opposing Alliances, Balanced economy (no wipes). Auto-Events.
2WOS UOVotes: 475
Clicks from WOS: 167
Web visits: 15
World Of Sosaria! Since 2007 year! Come play and play with friends, WOS is here! ONLINE 50+ !!!
3Oskom FreeVotes: 230
Clicks from WOS: 40
More than 19 years of history. Free Chars. No wips [PvM][PvP] LoginServer=game.,2593
4ultima onlineVotes: 37
Clicks from WOS: 40
Web visits: 3
Ultima Online MMORPG.
5MagicWorld PvPVotes: 21
Clicks from WOS: 4
Jauns Server paspelesi uzinasi
6Old Paradise XLVotes: 20
Clicks from WOS: 11
All new players get level 10 and all skills to the maximum! Safe mode for free!
7RealWorldVotes: 16
Clicks from WOS: 11
Web visits: 1
Esam atvērušies 02-06-2012 - Esat laipni gaidīti mūsu Ultima Online serverī vairāk info - web!!
8#Uo.TrustVotes: 10
Clicks from WOS: 5
Web visits: 1
NEW SERVER- LoginServer=195.2 16.177.79,2593 - NEW SERVER [all come] 24/7 UP!!!!
9BlackSun PVPVotes: 6
Clicks from WOS: 6
We are back with new strenght ! 24/7
10#Uo.EmpiredVotes: 4
Clicks from WOS: 2
Web visits: 1
Ultima Online Uz #Uo.Empired, Projekts atgriežas, Info On Web
11The Beast ShardVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 4
Nenokave Vienigais Serveris On
12WWW.UOCR.LVVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 13
WWW.UOCR.LV is online. New events, quests and another fun stuff, with modern innovations. Join us
13UO MurderVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 3
NOrmals servers ar normaliem skriptiem taisits uz sphere 55i bazes , mūsu OLDP atdarinājums.
14Galaxy UOVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 1
Tiek plānos jauns uo serveris, bet vajag palīdzību no UO spēlētājiem!
15New ZoneVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
Servers onlaina 24/7! Sauc draugus un spele pats!
16Ultima OnlineVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 3
PvP Server Katrs speletajs sanem pa 50k Tm i RP . Only PvP
17UO LAST WISHVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 1
Jauns Interesants Serveris ! PVM/PVP Funkcijas ! Dazadi eventi CTF,MASS TM,BomberMan,LOST un citi !
18Ultima OnlineVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 4
Nevelies ilgi kaCaties? Pievienojies Mums !!!Free PvP
19Yolo!Votes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 2
Nāc iemēģini un kļūsti par labāko!!!! 24.11.12
20UoReborn UltimaVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 4
UoReborn Free!!! Ultima Online Shard
21Uo FantasyVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 2
New ultima online server clien version 2.0.3
22UoAngelsVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 1
Hēyā ienāc šeit, izlasi un rīkojies ! :)
23UOdeathVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 2
24Ultima OnlineVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 4
LoginServer=84.23 7.173.137,2593 New Server 24/7 Web Coming Soon !!!
25Ultima OnlineVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 1
Ultima Online Shards. Pvp un PVm serveris. 2 rases, līmeņi. Jaunajiem spēlētājiem skili pa 100%
26oskomVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
Lielisks serveris kur pavadit savu brivo laiku! Lielaku Informaciju atradiisiet Foruma!
27Old OskomVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
More than 16 years of history. Free Chars. No wipes [PvM][PvP] LoginServer=game.,2593
28ANEUOVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 2
ancient north east website Loginserver=84.23 7.162.143,2593
29UFE.lvVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 3
Server online 24/7 Join now!
30BlizzardsVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 1
Blizzards World Join us

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