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World of Warcraft
1WOWServersVotes: 3
Clicks from WOS: 19
[stable] [Online ~35000 - 40000 Players] [meny realms from x1 till Fun]
2Stream EngVotes: 2
Clicks from WOS: 13
Add your stream if your stream support Lv language!
3BlodColdVotes: 1
Clicks from WOS: 4
Atverts jauns servers BlodCold Reits 50x Patch 3.3.3!
4FUN 3.3.5 24/7Votes: 1
Clicks from WOS: 7
Сервера, БОТЫ, Гайды, Новости, все у нас ! как создать свой сервер Присоединяйся и помоги другим !!!
5wow.thc.lvVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 14
World of Warcraft Mist Of Pandaria
6wower.euVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 1
You are not be prepared!
7WOTLK 3.3.5aVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 1
WOTLK 3.3.5a - x10 WOW private server
8King-WoW 3.3.5aVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
King-WoW tikko atvēries 3.3.5a midrate serveris. Exp rate 10x. Visi raidi strādā. Custom Teleport
9-=WoW-Angels=-Votes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 2
New Latvian World Of Warcraft Server! Mid rates, Mall, PvP Zone and much more! Join Us! WOTLK 3.3.5
10Wormx-wow.lvVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
Sveiki! Darbu ir uzsācis jauns world of warcraft cataclysm 4.3.4 Latviešu privatais serveris.
11Hard-Core.LvVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 2
Server start 11/08/2017 Join us! It's hardcore 25x
12IT-Lead WoWx115Votes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
IT-Lead WoWx115 + Easy Mode
13cursade.euVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
We welcome you to World of Warcraft: Wrath of The Lich King (3.3.5a) Private Server.
Clicks from WOS: 0
[ Type PvP & PvE ] - [ Rates x15 ] - [ Portals ] - [ No custom items ] - [ No Lag / International ]
15KitoraVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
A regular server maintenance is not planned in the near time
16Flame WoWVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
Instant 80 lvl,mall,honor rate 2x,profession 25x,
17IceteaVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
wow, so op, 99% uptime infinite fake online players, Server reborn every day
18BloodWoW TbcVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 1
TBC Fun Server(255lvl),Fr ee Startgear,Custom Items,Custom Instances,Custom NPC,Custom T1-T8.VIP rank
19WoW.MyGame.LvVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 1
WoW Private server! Stable! 24/7 Join us!
20Holymord ALL GMVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
335 ALL GM server with 8 years tradition, server is mainly czech but we are open to public (we'll op
213ServerVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
world of Warcraft 3server - the oldest running 24/7 server in Czech republic and Slovakia. - 1000mbp
22WOW.RIT.LVVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 2
Nepalaid garam jo beidzot esam atkal atvrti!!! Pievienojies jau tagad! 3.3.5a 1x blizzlike rates
23blackrockVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 1
x20 rates | scripted ICC / ulduar | Friendly GMs | 3.3.5a Expansion | No custom content...
24WOW 3.3.5Votes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 1
World of Warcraft WOTLK 3.3.5 x5, TOTAL New Servers, Blizzlike, working BATLGROUNDS, PVE, PVP
25gnswowVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
C World of Warcraft / Cap Level 80 - 3.3.5a Wratch of the lich king - HP - 1500
26EzWoW.LvVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 2
Sveicinti EzWoW.Lv fun server!
27WOW.SWAT.LVVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 2
World of Warcraft latvian gaming FUN server x75 /// COMING SOON! ///
28EpicwowVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 1
First wow legion server 7.0.3
29BattleCoreVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
Back online 29taja marta!
30SCAM.lvVotes: 0
Clicks from WOS: 0
RIT zog warmane(un citu) account paroles. Uzmanies!

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